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"Gambling is not the answer"—BYU Physics dept ends time travel program due to funding issues

“Gambling is not the answer”—BYU Physics dept ends time travel program due to funding issues

“We all feel a profound sense of disappointment, but we also feel peace knowing we have made the right decision,” says Dr. Dan Rasmussen. “Although we did manage to send several undergrad students forward through time, we have currently run out of funding, so the program has been shelved, at least for now. Since we […]

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BYU Grad Student launches revolutionary 'Who's Judging Me?' app

BYU Grad Student launches revolutionary “Who’s Judging Me?” app

BYU graduate student Caleb Miller will be able to tell for sure what his professors really  think of his thesis because of the revolutionary new app he created. “Who’s Judging Me?” is an app to take the guesswork out of what others are thinking about YOU! “Sometimes I think someone is judging me,” says Kaitlin […]

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Comedic Genius in CTR 7 class feels sad that winter is over

Liam Hales, ringleader of the CTR 7 class in the Nassau 58th ward, is sad that winter is over. The highlight of Church for the past few months for this exuberant youth has been Primary Sharing time. “Oh, we still have sharing time even when it’s not winter,” Liam says, “but we don’t ever sing my […]

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Relief Society teacher didn’t have time to get through everything she had prepared

An LDS Church meetinghouse was recently swallowed by a giant sinkhole when a Relief Society teacher didn’t have enough class time to get through everything she had prepared. This was reported by Sister Annette Banks, who had slipped out early because she had company coming for dinner and needed to get a roast in the […]

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couple in disguise

New couple in ward unsure if they belong in the judgmental or the easily-offended group

We recently interviewed Ashley and David (names have been changed to protect their identities) about their heartbreaking journey while trying to navigate the hyperbolic and choppy waters of settling into their proper group at Church. Although they’ve been married for 2 years, they have yet to feel at home with either the self-righteous judgmental hypocrites […]

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Boston North Stake to hold ‘snow make-up days’ for missed meetings

When severe winter storms hit the East Coast, it’s not uncommon for wards in the Boston North Stake to be forced to cancel Sunday Meetings. Members usually end up missing Church once or twice each year due to weather, but this winter wards have needed to cancel Church a record 5 times. Stake leaders have […]

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20 enhanced New Era posters to remind us all to NEVER text and drive!

Please don’t text or do things like unto it while you’re driving! Make  the this the day that you can honestly say you stopped multitasking with your phone while driving. Maybe you’ve done it for years without incident, but it only takes one distracted moment for everything to go horribly wrong. Your life and the […]

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12 funny memes to remind us all to get to Church on time

I’ve made it a new goal to stop being late, even just a few minutes late, to Church on Sunday. Is that a goal for you or your ward? Share a funny meme on Saturday to help everyone remember to put forth that bit of extra effort to be seated on time (or a couple […]

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