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Comedic Genius in CTR 7 class feels sad that winter is over

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Liam Hales, ringleader of the CTR 7 class in the Nassau 58th ward, is sad that winter is over. The highlight of Church for the past few months for this exuberant youth has been Primary Sharing time. “Oh, we still have sharing time even when it’s not winter,” Liam says, “but we don’t ever sing my favorite song anymore, and it was the best part of singing time. I just moved here right before Thanksgiving last year, and I didn’t have any friends at all. The first time we sang ‘Once There Was a Snowman,’ I did the opposite actions! When the song said, “tall, tall, tall,” I went small, small, small and then when it says small, small, small, I jumped up so tall, tall, tall! It made me really popular because it was so funny.”

Liam shows us, with grand gestures, what he did. It was hilarious and genius to do the exact opposite actions that the rest of the primary would have been doing. And it was something the Nassau 58th ward CTR 7 class had never before seen. It really cracked them up, and before long the whole class was doing the silly “opposite actions” to the song. The next Sunday, when the song was sung again, the Valiant 8 class and a couple of the Valiant 9s joined in. They were delighted to find that it still was the best joke they’d ever witnessed during sharing time. It became a favorite weekly tradition all winter, but that’s all over now.

When we inquired of the the primary president what the issue was with depriving this young fellow and his classmates of their favorite song, she referred us to the primary chorister, Sister Miller. Sister Miller explained, “we just don’t sing “Once There Was a Snowman” year-round. It’s not a rule or guideline handed down by the Church or anything, it would just be weird. I know that Liam became ‘primary famous’ because of that song, but I’m sure that someone with his intelligence and comedic talent will come up with something equally hilarious to accompany a springtime song like ‘Popcorn Popping On the Apricot Tree’.”

Disclaimer: This is a humorous fictional piece. None of the characters are real, although the comedic genius of doing opposite actions to this song is, and has been observed in literally every ward in the whole Church.

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