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Day: April 7, 2018

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3 stories from President Monson’s childhood to give you hope when your kid misbehaves

We’re putting this in the “Just for Recent Converts” section because most LDS members who’ve been around a long time know these stories. There’s just something about a story of misbehavior from a prophet’s childhood that sticks in one’s memory. It sure gives modern LDS parents hope to know that an apostle was once a […]

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Comedic Genius in CTR 7 class feels sad that winter is over

Liam Hales, ringleader of the CTR 7 class in the Nassau 58th ward, is sad that winter is over. The highlight of Church for the past few months for this exuberant youth has been Primary Sharing time. “Oh, we still have sharing time even when it’s not winter,” Liam says, “but we don’t ever sing my […]

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Elder Soares habla de nuestro Salvador—6 citas inspiradoras

“[L]a Primera Presidencia y los Doce Apóstoles son … profetas, videntes y reveladores. Ellos representan al Señor Jesucristo y tienen el derecho de declarar Su disposición y voluntad según les sea revelada. Testifico que hay seguridad al seguir su consejo. El Señor los está inspirando a hacer hincapié en fortalecer nuestra fe en el Padre […]

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Elder Soares fala do nosso Salvador—6 citações inspiradoras

“[A] Primeira Presidência e os Doze Apóstolos … são … profetas, videntes e reveladores. Eles representam o Senhor Jesus Cristo e, portanto, têm o direito de declarar a mente e a vontade do Senhor conforme lhes são reveladas. Testifico que estaremos seguros ao seguirmos seus conselhos. O Senhor tem inspirado nossos profetas a enfatizar a […]

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6 inspiring quotes about our Savior by Elder Soares

Also available español and português “[T]he First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles are … prophets, seers, and revelators. They represent the Lord Jesus Christ and have the right to declare His mind and will as it is revealed to them. I testify that there is safety in following their counsel. The Lord is inspiring them […]

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